Top 10 Reasons to Learn and Grow with Dr. Harry

If you have not got enough idea on who Dr. Harry is and services he is capable in offering, here are 10 reasons to help you choose to do so. Thank you to all our past programme participants for their sensitive observations and keen feedback that helped put this list together.

  1. Training style – Harry’s seasoned and down-to-earth training style has won most of his participants’ heart in every way. Respect, integrity and professionalism are qualities he abides by in every training event he conducted since inception.
  2. Record of success – Harry has conducted trainings for over 16 years. Together with his business and consulting background, he has the right mix of skills and experience to offer something of relevance to your development! Majority of Harry’s corporate and NLP trainings consist of referrals and repeat clients. We consistently receive the highest ratings on our evaluations.
  3. Training philosophy – Not sure if this is a formal word as yet but Harry has been following the concept of “Edutainment” in his training. He holds the belief that people learn best when they are able to enjoy the process. After all, learning should be a fun process, isn’t it?
  4. A trainer that walks his talk – An interviewer once asked Harry, “Would you say you are a good and professional trainer?” and his response was, “I really don’t know. Truly, it should be up to my participants to respond to this question, not me. All I know is being ‘good’ and ‘professional’ is something that should be evaluated both quantitatively and qualitatively. Literally, being a good and professional trainer is more than just being able to teach his topics well but to be able to walk his talk in applying his teachings, beliefs and philosophy into his daily life. Lastly, I would like to add that one of my key mottos in life is ‘learning is an everyday event!’ Thanks to my ex-boss in making this my daily life mission.”
  5. Learn life skills for use both professionally and personally – Whilst we place focuses on a variety of management and business communication skills in our trainings so participants can easily relate their experiences to the training materials, it is important to note that the applicability of those skills is also relevant to the participants’ daily life. Just as Harry wrote books in applying NLP in relationships, he is capable of designing and delivering trainings so participants can see benefits to enhance their business and personal life as well as relationships with people they have in both.
  6. Everyone is unique and resourceful – Harry acknowledges and appreciates the fact that everyone has already got all the resources needed to succeed. This sponsorship is important to enable participants are taking ownership to strive for their own success. Our trainings focus on facilitating a generative connection between Harry and his participants so that everyone in this learning journey can benefit from each other’s presence.
  7. We offer only tailored training programmes to our clients as Harry believes that every client is unique and therefore no off-the-shelf product can offer just as good a solution that fulfills all client’s needs.
  8. A right balance between technicalitypracticality and applicability is what we emphasise in all trainings offered to our participants.
  9. Training versatility – Whilst we offer one of the best NLP trainings in town, we also offer a variety of great and advanced technologies that helps empower your achievement with NLP. Literally, your training with us and on NLP serves as a “hub” that helps you model and apply other skills and knowledge more easily and effectively in your development.
  10. Passion and connectivity to his participants and clients in training – Simply put, Harry loves his career and he wants to see his participants’ success in every way!