About Harry Wong (aka Dr. Happy)

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Dr. Harry as Certified Master Trainer of NLP

While there may be a number of fellow and master trainers in the fields of training and NLP, the path that Dr. Harry had gone through was a specially dedicated and perseverant journey.


“Our NLP Master Trainer Certificate is not offered lightly…Harry’s success is not because he is a Master Trainer but he has experienced a great personal growth in the process of becoming one!” addressed Dr. Adriana James, one of the world-renowned NLP Master Trainers.


Dr. Harry’s attended and successfully completed the 5-year Master Trainer Development Program in NLP, approved by the American Board of NLP (“ABNLP”) as being one of largest NLP training organizations in the world in training, approving and certifying NLP.  Dr. Harry is Asia 1st ABNLP certified master trainer of NLP personally trained and certified by Drs. Tad and Adriana James.  Over their 30 years of training, only 13 people in the world got certified and achieved this level of excellence in NLP.



So, what does this all mean?

Coupled with his international exposure by studying and working overseas for over 13 years, Dr. Harry’s training, facilitation and coaching does not only bring you a local favor but more importantly, sufficient international exposure to broaden your worldview and to empower you with what it takes to be a successful leader and/or a happy person who is capable to fully exert your potential at work and live a sustainable happy life.


With his extensive background, experience, knowledge and skills in training, you get trained and empowered to become a professional trainer who is capable to present and train people with different cultural background with poise and full confidence.


Lastly, for those who are interested and keen in becoming a certified trainer of NLP, Dr. Harry is offering a world class NLP Trainer’s Training carrying the same highest and most vigorous standards set out by ABNLP, now available locally!  It is the 1st and only in Greater China!



Model and learn from the best – Dr. Harry Wong!

For details, please contact Dr. Harry for your enrolment eligibility.

  • Asia 1st Certified ABNLP Certified Master Trainee of NLP  (personally trained and certified by Drs. Tad and Adriana James)
  • China 1st certified NLP Master Coach Trainer
  • Fellow Certified Public Accountant (HKSAR) and Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada)
  • Over 26 years of extensive global business and training consulting experience
  • Co-author of the popular NLP book series on personal empowerment and relationship enhancement
  • Columnist on business management and positive psychology


Harry is naïve in believing people deserve to carry a smile on their face, regardless of whether they are at work or with their family and friends. Until one day he sees this written on a mountain wall 「流水(不)因石而阻,親情(不)因遠而疏」that he realises there are lots of people out there that are suffering badly and have lost their value, identity and vision in life. Simply put, they are unhappy! He is determined to utilise his gift, skills and experience to help people regain their strengths and happiness.


Harry is a trainer that carries professionalism, integrity and connectedness in his heart with an energetic personality. He has extensive corporate and public training and facilitation experience. As a certified trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Creating Your Future® Coaching, Harry provides a wide range of tailored corporate and public courses on business success and personal empowerment. He runs certification programmes on NLP, Master Coaching, Creating Your Future®, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis on a regular basis. Over 33,500 professionals and management from around the world benefited from Harry’s training initiatives.


Harry is a coach with passion and care for others’ successes. He is interpersonal and has extensive coaching experience to professionals and individuals for their empowerment. He receives his best training from walking his talk with people around him and renowned courses in the US and Australia. As a master coach, Harry guides you to define specific goals you aim to achieve and focuses on what it takes to succeed.


Harry is a psychotherapist with great flexibility and humility. He believes that everyone has all the resources they need to live their life fully. Psychotherapy is a joint effort between the therapist and the client to work on the mission in exploring possibilities and utilising the client’s unconscious for transformational and generative change. Harry is ready and looks forward to walk the change process with you whenever you are ready.



Areas of specialism

  • Business communication & presentation skills
  • Happy and success coaching
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Empowering and appreciative leadership
  • Mindfulness, Playfulness and Happiness for everyday life (New in 2017!!!)
  • Performance management skills
  • Self-empowerment & staff motivation
  • Relationship enhancement
  • Emotion management & positive thinking