Transformation can be a big and heavy word for quite some people as they will easily relate the word with the need for change or for getting out of their own comfort zone.Another perspective in looking at transformation involves evolution,which means you first need to be aware and highlight the great gifts and transferrable strengths you already have, refine and modify them, build on a few new mindset and skills and know better how to utilise what you have into your current situation at work and in life.   Simple and hassle free!  All it takes is a bit of self-awareness, a slight piece of your commitment and your willingness to do well.Transformation is about empowerment.  To do so, you need these ingredients in your success formula:


H = Happiness being able to create a positive mood in the present and the ability to sustain a positive outlook for the future

B = Belief that you will get the desirable outcome that you focus on

F = Flexibility to adopt in different situations and environments

V = Values that are truly important and motivated to you

Through coaching and training, Dr. Harry will help facilitate you in finding and achieving these ingredients to become truly successful in your life and at work.