Mediation as a concept and as a skill is one of the most effective ways in resolving conflicts between two parties and to maintain a sustainable human relationship with people at work and in life.


Mediation as a professional service is one of the most constructive and well-facilitated processes in resolving disputes between two parties to avoid handsome legal costs, prolonging timeframe and most importantly, annoying mental distress.


Professionally, Dr. Harry is an Accredited General Mediator at Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (“HKMAAL”), with specialisation in Accountancy and Family & Children.  As a mediator, Dr. Harry facilitates a structured channel of communication, filters out probable emotional elements, focuses on the conflicting parties’ underlying objectives in order to resolve disputes and to encourage the parties to reach a win-win-win settlement.


Interestingly, the same structural process and skills are equally applicable in most corporate scenarios for managers and leaders in working with their stakeholders at work.





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Appoint Dr. Harry as your professional mediator and/or as your trainer and coach to help develop essential human problem solving skills for you and your team at work.