How Dr. Harry becomes Dr. Happy

Dr. Happy

The iconic concept of Dr. Happy came into mind in late 2009 when financial tsunami hit the world and many were unemployed and in despair.


2010 was a very tough year for many corporations and individuals, including Dr. Harry in many ways.  Gladly, being Dr. Happy, he is able to remind himself this one simple way to thinking:


“If you are to train and coach people how to stay positive, happy and successful, you 1st need to be the one who is able to walk-the-talk as role model.”


The ability to rethink about the realities we are in and to create multi-dimensional realities (i.e. in seeing new possibilities to pounce on) we are in becomes the ingredients to sustainable happiness and success.


There comes the concept of Happy Coaching and the focus in training happy coaches that in order to coach others for happiness, you have to be a “happy” coach yourself first.  More than this concept became an instant hit for having corporations and individuals wanting to learn about this mindset and skills, it serves as a good reminder for Dr. Harry as being “Dr. Happy” to sustain his commitment and ability as a human service and development professional even in challenging and difficult times.


While personal pain and work stress is inevitable, their negative effects are not.  人生於世,痛一定有,但不一定苦。


Do you also want to learn and become one of those happy leaders and coaches in this ever-changing and challenging business world?


When there is a will, there is always a way!