Clients & Testimonials

Over the past decade, Dr. Harry has trained up over 32,000 business professionals, managers and executives.  The participants have benefited and got inspired through Dr. Harry’s passion and his interactive training style that best helped them capture and appreciate the essence of the learning experience.


Below are some testimonials from participants who commented about Dr. Harry’s training initiatives and as a training professional:


About learning experience facilitated and trained by Dr. Harry

“I am blessed to take part in this course.  Although I am already a happy person, I am now even happier than before as I am more able to deal with problems more positively.”


“An extraordinary learning experience which enables me to know more about myself so I am more capable in tackling challenges ahead.”


“A must try learning experience!  It is an experience that makes a difference in how I interpret communication and better understanding how better to interact with others from now on.”


“One of the best five things I did in 2016.”


“A training that allows me to think more about my attitude in life.”


“I don’t know how to explain it by words.  Just do it!!!  Experience it by yourself.  You will definitely gain something out from this training.”



About Dr. Harry as training professional

“Dr. Harry is highly effective in delivering the training as he can easily blend different business skills and knowledge into day-to-day business scenarios.  He is excellent in delivering the theoretical components as well as guiding the participants on how the learning can be vividly applied in real life business scenarios.”


“Dr. Harry is a very enthusiastic trainer who teaches his course with his whole heart.  He demonstrates all his business knowledge and experience through himself to help us learn in the most effective way.”


“Dr. Harry lives and breathes the stuff he teaches, which is infused in the delivery that makes a powerful and lasting impact on me.  I am glad of my learning experience and have already recommended it to my friends and colleagues.”


“A well-prepared and passionate trainer who is willing to share his experience and knowledge with his participants.  I am really amazed with Dr. Harry’s facilitation skill as he is able to grasp our responses and keep us engaged along this learning experience.”


“Dr. Harry makes the people learn very happily.”